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Tablets contains pure spirulina, considered to be “the world’s most concentrated and most nutritious whole food.”

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Tablets contains pure spirulina, considered to be “the world’s most concentrated and most nutritious whole food.” Conferred the title “Best Food for Tomorrow” by the United Nations World Food Conference in 1974, spirulina is globally accepted as a nutritional supplement, diet food, and an affordable, convenient means of daily sustenance. The ability of Splina Spirulina Tablets to cleanse heal and give nourishment to the body is due to these power packed nutrients: 18 highly digestible amino acids (proteins), 12 potent vitamins, 11 related minerals, powerful phytonutrients, health promoting fats, vital enzymes, energy-giving carbohydrates and fibers.

Spirulina are fresh water algae. Spirulina also is a nutrient rich blue-green algae that people use as a supplement. It has up to 70 percent protein. It also is a strong source of beta-carotene, containing
more than carrots do, as well as B vitamins, vitamin E, phycocyanin, chlorophyll and numerous minerals.

Benefits of Spirulina 
1 Cleansing: Spirulina promotes the body natural cleansing processes. You feel fitter, more cheerful, and you have more energy.2. Restoring: Spirulina compensates for deficiencies in the diet and stimulates the metabolism. Your physical condition improves noticeably and you recover faster after exertion.3. Fortifying: Spirulina boosts resistance and activates the body natural defence mechanisms. You feel stronger and are better able to cope with the pressures of everyday life.Because of its cleansing, restoring and fortifying functions, Spirulina has a wide range of applications. It gives you new energy without taking pep-ups and makes you more alert and stable.

  • Spirulina builds immunity against infections
  • Spirulina maintains a healthy heart
  • Spirulina provides a glowing skin
  • Spirulina improves hemoglobin level in blood
  • Spirulina fights fatigue and stress
  • Spirulina keeps you active and energetic
  • Spirulina helps in lowering blood pressure and correcting water imbalance
  • Spirulina can help in diabetes control. Diabetics may be able to defer eating timings and sustain over long periods without any discomfort
  • Spirulina helps to relieve CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Spirulina is the World’s Highest Beta 

Carotene food, Reducing Long-Term Health Risks.
Spirulina beta carotene is ten times more concentrated than carrots. So even if you don’t eat the recommended 4 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables every day (most people eat only 1-2, including french fries), get your natural beta carotene insurance from spirulina to help support your body’s defences.

Benefits of Spirulina for Children and Young Adults

  • Spirulina is the richest source of protein and provides 18 out of 22 amino acids that the body requirements for normal growth and development.
  • Spirulina through its range of B- Vitamins strengthens the immune system and builds resistance in opposition to diseases. The natural beta carotene (pro Vitamin A) in
  • Spirulina helps maintain normal and healthy eyesight.
  • Spirulina provides iron in a form that is simply absorbed. It helps maintain an optimum level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Benefits of Spirulina for Adults 

Spirulina is the best natural source for antioxidants like carotenoids, vitamin E, zinc and selenium, which help fight against free radicals, and also slow down the ageing process.

 Spirulina being the richest vegetarian source of vitamin B-12 helps decrease physical and mental stress.

Benefits of Spirulina for seniors
GLA in Spirulina prevents the creation of cholesterol, keeps the heart healthy and checks the beginning of degenerative diseases like arthritis and diabetes. It also balances the a variety of hormonal functions to improve energy utilization and all-round health


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