DF013 Generic Actos 30 mg


Generic Actos is a prescription drug that is used to control high blood sugar levels and thus treat type II diabetes.

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Generic Actos falls in the thiazolidinedione class of diabetes drugs. Generic Actos reduces the insulin resistance in the patient’s liver and peripheral tissues, increases the expense of glucose dependent on insulin and decreases quantity of glucose in the bloodstream, as well as insulin and glucated hemoglobin.

Looking after your Generic Actos

You should keep your Generic Actos away from heat, moisture and direct light.

How to take Generic Actos

Generic Actos needs to be taken exactly as prescribed and as regularly as possible. If the doctor changes your regimen and the dosage, make sure to act according to those changes. Generic Actos can be taken with or without food. Your doctor will most likely want to check your blood during the course of your treatment. You also need to c heck your sugar levels during times of stress. You will also do well to exercise and eat a healthy diet to help you treat your diabetes.


For patients who do not suffer from congestive heart failure, the starting dose is 15 mg or 30 mg daily. For patients who suffer from congestive heart failure, the recommended daily dose is 15 mg daily. The doctor may titrate the dosage.


An overdose on Generic Actos may include symptoms like: blurred vision, extreme weakness, sweating, stomach pain, tremors, troubles speaking, confusion, convulsions. Contact emergency services as soon s possible if an overdose on Generic Actos is suspected.

Missed Dose

If you should miss a dose of, take it as soon as you remember unless it is too close to the next dose. In such a case, take only the scheduled one.

Warnings and Precautions

Taking Generic Actos may cause low blood sugar that can be characterized by sweating, hunger, headache, irritability and dizziness. Keep a source of sugar on your person. Check your blood sugar regularly when using Generic Actos. Generic Actos may increase chances of heart problems. Generic Actos may increase the chances of developing bladder cancer. Women may be more likely to experience bone fractures in upper arm, foot or hand when taking Generic Actos. Women who have entered their menopause may have menstruations once again and they can get pregnant when using Generic Actos.

Possible Side Effects

Mild side effects of Generic Actos may include: muscle pain, cold symptoms, headaches. More serious side effects need to be reported at once and they may include sudden pain in arm, foot or hand, changes in vision, pink or red urine, changes to urination, short breath, rapid weight gain.

Treating diabetes with Generic Actos

Diabetes is a relatively common condition and also a very dangerous one if left untreated. Generic Actos can dramatically reduce sugar levels in the blood and help control the condition. Generic Actos works best when combined with a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.

When should Generic Actosnot be used?

Generic Actos should not be used by people allergic to pioglitazone, people with severe or uncontrolled heart failure and people with bladder cancer. Pregnant women should also only take Generic Actos if instructed by their physician.

How long should you take Actos

You will most likely have to use Generic Actos for long periods of time, in some cases infinitely. Use Generic Actos for as long as the doctor prescribed it.


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