AS004 220 RIC


220 OF Reviever In Canal Digital Hearing Aids Invisible Behind the Ear Aids with Hearing

12 Frequency Bands with Noise Reduction and Feedback Cancellation

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This amplifier is a I-COOL intelligent multi-core digital signal processor. There are 2 independent compression-amplification channels, 4 independent adjustable bands, 2 channels MPO management and 1 listening program. Best amplifier now with an affordabl
△  Low level noise reduction technogy and Volume control(selectable). Suitable for conference discussion, watching TV, bird watching and listening the speeches.
△  You will forget you are even wearing it – So small and comfortable. Nobody will know you are wearing it
△  It comes with all sizes of ear inserts to ensure a perfect fit for you. Soft and flexible hook fits over the ear.
△   Excellent feedback suppression technology, including program switch tone, low battery warning tone, power on delay.


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